Helicopter Transport Services, LLC

In 1999, Helicopter Transport Services established its Heavy Lift Division in Corvallis, Oregon, which today features a diverse fleet consisting of Sikorsky CH-54A and S-64E Skycranes, CH-54B Skycranes, CH-53Ds, S-61Ns, and S-58Ts, and Bell 214STs (Super Transport). Helicopter Transport Services Heavy Lift Division’s services include aerial fire suppression, aerial services and support to the petroleum industry, aerial construction and various heavy lift operations. 

Altogether, Helicopter Transport Services maintains one of the most effective and well-equipped helicopter operations in the industry, capable of flying nearly any mission, anywhere, at any time. 


Aerial Fire Suppression - Aerial Services to the Petroleum Industry
Aerial Construction & Heavy Lift Operations - Resource Sector (Forestry & Mining)
Air Ambulance - Electronic News Gathering - Executive Transport - Motion Pictures